Competitive Ballet: Its Advantages

In the competitive world of dancing, the place of competition is definitely a contentious issue. Some ballet schools will argue that students who completely focus on competitions do a fantastic job at learning how to pick up some tips and tricks. Some people also say that the technique suffers as a consequence of this. Some other dancing studios would argue that comparative dancers offer a lot of opportunities to perform, and they are very important when it comes to developing a dancer who is an all-rounder.

Because of the controversial nature of the topics, I have investigated both sides of the issue, and there are some pros and cons which really stuck by me when I was trying to make a strong case of whether I should let my child take place in some competitive ballet. Both sides have made strong cases as to whether we should let our children take part in such competitions. Here are the lists.

Firstly I’m going to start out with the advantages. Comparative dancing can actually enrich their childhood. It is like any other sport or a club that would compete, and it would offer a lot of benefits as well. Let us take a closer look. There is absolutely no I in a team. That is why, dancing or ballet dancing to be specific, will help you be a part of a team in a much better manner. Dancing is not a lonely hobby. Dancing in a group is certainly something that is appreciated and wanted. It will help you improve your strength, flexibility and your alignment. It is also a place where you can build a great friendship. Being a part of a team will make you feel wanted and needed. It will teach your child how to be a leader and a follower as well. It will also teach them how to respect and value the other members of the team. It will also teach them to respect all of their individual talents. It definitely instilled in them a sense of community, and it will give them a beautiful support system.

I feel it is essential for a child to have a system of friends and teammates, as they grow up. I can tell you that I made much better friends in school, whenever I played sports, because being part of a team will give us a feeling of belonging. It will also give us a chance to deal with rivalries and friendships. Being on a team will make us a great communicator and a cooperative person.

Competitive Ballet

All kinds of team activities will also help them lead to better decision-making, and some amazing time management skills will be instilled in the kids.