Competitive Ballet: Disadvantages

If your child wants to become a good dancer or a good ballet dancer and maybe even one day join ballet show performances, you should tell them that it requires a lot of patience, training and practice. It requires full attention. Your child may actually be spending a couple of hours a week in a studio, practising on their skills. At the end of the day, dancing in a studio is not what it is all about; it is about learning a skill. Your child needs to know that it takes a lot of effort, to become a good ballet dancer, especially when you are doing competitive ballet dancing. Competition is something that provides a multitude of performances and a multitude of opportunities for the child who is trying out in competitive ballet dancing.

Ballet Dancing

In this guide, I will list out some disadvantages of competitive ballet dancing.

As with anything in our lives, competitive dances have their disadvantages. There are so many people that would swear that they would never compete in such a competition or they would never even dream of putting their child into such competitions. If you are curious to see why these people or against these competitions, here are some reasons that they have listed out.

They say that the focus is definitely in the wrong place. What are the main objectives that I see on dance school websites is that they claim they work on an exam workflow and that they will teach dancing. I feel that ballet dancing should focus on entertainment and showmanship. It is definitely a skill that a child would acquire. Some people are looking at the long road and the journey in the future, while others want to do it for the moment.

A lot of competitions like ballet competitions would shift focus from academics to ballet.

A lot of parents do not want their child to focus on anything except academics. A lot of people would argue that repeated ballet exercises would not be the best use of time. They have said that it would cause a strain on the dancers’ bodies.

Kind of Dancing

I would have to disagree with that. I believe that any kind of dancing is an amazing form of exercise and should be considered.

A lot of people argue that it brings out a lot of drama. We have definitely seen it on TV. Competitions always bring out the worst in people. A lot of people can recite some horror stories that they have experienced in the heat of competition. Such competition is not exactly healthy for a child to be exposed to. This would be one of the reasons why some parents would think twice, before putting their child into a ballet dancing studio.